Dr. Badewa T. Adejugbe-Williams

The Royal School of Educational Therapy is founded by Dr. Badewa T. Adejugbe-Williams. Dr. Adejugbe-Williams is an Educational Specialist (Educationist with core specialization in pupils with Disabilities), Educational Therapist, Director, Producer, Stage Manager, and an Actress.

She earned a B.A with a double major in English and Drama with a minor in Journalism from Jacksonville State University, Alabama, USA. She has a General Education Multiple Subjects Credential and Master of Arts degree in Multicultural Education from California State University, Dominguez Hills, USA. She also has an Education Specialist Credential and another Masters of Arts degree in Educational Therapy (Special Education) from California State University, Northridge, USA.

As an Educational Specialist, Dr. Adejugbe-Williams has many accomplishments. She piloted collaborative practices amongst general education and special education teachers at the Los Angeles Unified School District, California, USA. She held a number of in-services and teacher training programs and facilitated staff development workshops during the course of her employment as an educational specialist/ special education teacher.

Dr. Adejugbe-Williams has a Doctor in Education (Ed.D) degree from Capella University, USA.