Vision, Mission & Goals


The vision of RSE-T Foundation is that persons with neurodevelopmental disabilities will have therapeutic and equitable opportunities in life for maximum societal inclusion


The mission of RSE-T Foundation is to provide students with neurodevelopmental disabilities and other learning challenges with a wide range of research-based intensive, individualized educational therapy interventions designed to remediate their learning challenges in a nurturing and safe environment so they  may achieve their greatest potentials academically and socially


  • Continue to face the challenge of educating students and raising achievement gaps
  • Provide all students with the tools to achieve their greatest potential in an inclusive setting with differentiated instructional methodologies


  • Strengthen student’s cognitive processing skills
  • Boost the abilities and functions of the brain for enhanced memory
  • Improve students’ attention skills
  • Help students become higher performers who think faster and more efficiently
  • Boos students’ confidence and morale
  • Produce a well-rounded pupil academically and socially