Vision, Mission & Goals


The vision of RSE-T Foundation is to provide its students with academic, cultural and social enrichment and enhanced enlightened opportunities in life. Such education will provide strong academic and general educational background through a rigorous curriculum, talent development, and skill acquisition.

The students will be provided with fair and appropriate education in all core subjects, and specialized training and exposure to a variety of lessons – arts, sports, technology, life and environmental preservation, college preparation, and vocational skills.




The mission of RSE-T Foundation is to provide students with a rigorous academic excellence in a nurturing atmosphere with standards-based curriculum and extra curriculum subjects and activities with the goal and objectives of providing opportunities for students to experience different learning modalities and connect their learning to their prior life experiences so as to become self-motivated, competent, and lifelong learners.




The Goals of RSETF are to continue to face the challenge of educating students and raising achievement gaps and provide all students with the tools to achieve their greatest potential in an inclusive setting with differentiated instructional methodologies.