About Us

The Royal School of Educational Therapy (RSE-T) Foundation is a proposed non-profit private school that comprises of General Education and Special Education services for students (Kindergarten to High School for General Education; Kindergarten to Adulthood for Special Education). RSET Foundation prepares pupils in General Education for University Education and pupils in Special Education for Vocational Life-Long Skills.

Currently, the RSETF is running a Full-Day and an After-School Learning Centre for Educational Therapy (ET), related therapies such as Speech and Language, Occupational and Pyshiotherapy, and Academic Tutoring for diverse learners.

Board Of Trustees

  • Dr. Badewa T. Adejugbe-Williams, Chair
  • Prof. Manny Aniebonam, Member
  • Dr. Charles Cudjoe, Member
  • Mr. Justin A. Williams, Member
  • Dr. Jumai Ahmadu, Member
  • Mrs. Hafsath Bomai, Member
  • Prof. Modupe Adelabu, Member

Company Secretary:
Charles I. Oyarekua

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Dr. Badewa T. Adejugbe-Williams
Founder, Educational Therapist & Educational Specialist
John Unanaowo

Centre Administrator

Justin A. Williams

Administrative Assistant

Obaike Kathryn Une

Occupational Therapist / Psychologist

Gloria Obiegbo


Tochukwu Alioha

Speech and Language Therapist

Olusegun Adeyemi

Classroom Teacher

Benedict Edet

Photography Teacher

Ajayi Seyi Victoria

Classroom Teacher

Sunday Boniface

Classroom Teacher

Eigege Mark O.

Classroom Teacher

Bewarang Peter

Classroom Teacher

Ologun Seyi Rachael

Classroom Teacher

Chika Lekwa Kalu

Music Teacher

Ruben Warieta

Dance Teacher

School Adminstrator

  • Mr. Tunde Adeyemi
  • Justin A. Williams

Classroom Teachers

  • Sunday, Boniface O.
  • Ologun, Seyi Rachael
  • Eigege Mark O.
  • Bewarang, Peter
  • Olusegun Adeyemi
  • Miss Rachel Obaro

Teacher Assistants

  • Ajayi Seyi Victoria


  • Bolaji Olure- Occupational Therapist
  • Obaike, Kathryn Une - Psychologist
  • Gloria Obiegbo -.Physiotherapist
  • Tochukwu Alioha - Speech and Language Therapist

Specialist Teachers

  • Miss Bimbo Olawale - Arts and Crafts Teacher
  • Ruben Warieta - Dance Teacher
  • Mr. Edet Dante - Photography Teacher
  • Mrs. Mary Olumuyiwa - Industrial Art Teacher
  • Mrs. Shekirat Jimoh - Cooking Teacher
  • Miss Abigail Daniel - Sewing Teacher
  • Mrs. Omotola Adetayo - Makeup Teacher

Project Staff

  • Mr. Clarence Bryant - Monitoring and Evaluation
  • Mrs. Nike Oyarekua - Legal Consultant
  • Dr. Nasiru Nazir - Compliance and System Strengthening Consultant
  • Mrs. Malia Ishaya Pau - Head Procurement 
  • Mr. John Adeyemi - Production Manager
  • Mr. Sherif Onawale - Accountant